Pack of 50 Dinner Disposable Plastic Party Plates Ivory Cream Color With Gold Rim 10.25-Inch

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Brand: Elite Selection

Color: Ivory


  • 🍽 50 STRONG AND DURABLE PARTY PLATES 10.25 inch" - These superior plastic dinner plates makes eating off disposables a great experience. The heavyweight plates will not fly away in the wind if your event is outdoors, they won't crack when trying to cut your food and the large heavy-duty meal plates can hold large portions of food for your hungry guests!
  • 🍽 SUPER ELEGANT, LOOKS LIKE REAL CHINA - Your guests will gasp as they view the beautifully laid tables, with what looks like real china complete with golden trimmings. Instead of spending money on real china dishes for your event these fancy plastic plates will save you money and have your guests impressed with the beautifully decorated table settings.
  • 🍽 HASSLE FREE / FAST AND EASY TO CLEANUP - Hate washing up dishes after dinner? and what could be worse than washing up 50 dinner plates from all your guests. These disposable party plates can go straight into the recycling bin or the trash can. Or if you're more frugal feel free to wash the plastic dinner plates set and reuses.
  • 🍽 FANCY PLATES FOR ALL OCCASIONS - Add some style and pizzazz to your wedding reception, Bar Mitzvah, Christmas dinner, thanksgiving party or any other occasion! The gorgeous, swirling gold rimmed plastic plates look almost like a shimmering seashell, turning your party into a glamorous affair.
  • 🍽 ELITE SELECTION + BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE - If your disposable dinnerware is damaged please contact Elite Selection and we will give you a refund. Elite Selection also offers a line of party wedding plastic plates and other goods, like cups, bowls, cutlery and more. Please see the soup bowls and salad plates in the same design.

Publisher: Elite Selection

Details: Whether you are throwing a grand gala or a small dinner party these formal disposable dinner plates are going to turn your event into a 5 Star affair!

Using disposable party plates at your event is a simple way to make your table stylish, elegant and classy.
You will also save yourself hundreds of dollars renting/buying real china plates by using this bulk set of disposable dinnerware.Perhaps you don't have a party coming up but are feeling a little lazy.
There's no shame in using these party plates at your dinner table especially because they can be recycled or even reused if you're in the mood to wash up that night!Elite Selection Features:
⭐ Strong & Durable - These thick plastic plates will hold heavy portions of food and are great for outdoor events.⭐ Unique Elegant Design - The swirling gold border adds that extra bit of elegance and class to the tables.⭐ China Like Design - The high gloss finish on these dinner plates for parties looks just like china or porcelain.⭐ Bulk Pack of 50 Plates - Great value bulk pack of plates for any occasion.⭐ Large Party Plates - Measures 10.25 inch, perfect for the main course.⭐ Easy Cleanup - No more dishwashers to load or dishes to wash, simply throw into the garbage can when you're done.⭐ Matching Set Available - Matching gold rimmed salad plates and gold-rimmed soup bowls are also available from Elite Selection.⭐ Recyclable & BPA Free - Eat healthy and savvy.Table Setting Tips: To make the table look really fancy, place some candles or flowers in the center.
Add some Elite Selection crystal glasses along beautiful napkins to complete the setup.Customer Service: If you have any issues with your party plates,
Please reach out to Elite Selection and we will be happy to give you a refund.Do Not Microwave: These plates cannot go in the microwave due to the shiny trimmings.

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Life is too short to live without the Pack of 50 Dinner Disposable Plastic Party Plates Ivory Cream Color With Gold Rim 10.25-Inch. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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